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As any decorator will tell you, curtains make a room — but only when chosen correctly. When it comes to curtains, it’s a matter of colour and fabric, length and lining.
All our curtains are hand made in the UK, designed with you every step of the way, to ensure the perfect fit whatever the room, for all occasions.

The right fabric

Fabric is an essential part of choosing curtains, since the material will dictate how well your curtains function and hold up over time.

If they’re too heavy, they may not fold crisply when drawn; too light and they may not fall well,

When it comes to material, linen, silk, faux silk and velvet are the best choices to use for window treatments since they tend to hang the best. Faux silk tends to be the most durable and in a particularly sunny room, faux silk doesn’t deteriorate as quickly as real silk.

Some fabrics can help keep out the cold. Many hotels use suede, velvet, tapestry or tweed since their weight helps block light and keep heat in.

The ideal colour

Sunlight will fade fabrics over time. If the room in question gets a lot of light, it’s smart to avoid bright colors, since they tend to fade faster.

The perfect length

We measure from the top of the window (plus the added inches of height where the curtains will hang from) to the floor. For a more traditional look, with the curtain slightly puddled on the floor, we add another two or three inches to your length. For a modern, crisp look, have the panel fall flush with the floor.

When measuring the width of your window, be sure to add four to eight inches on both sides and double the total number to ensure curtain fullness. Then you won’t block a lot of window glass when the curtains are open, and they won’t get in the way,

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