Covid-19 Message

Dear Customer

We are delighted to announce Cloth Works are now open. We welcome our customers to come and see us to discuss your projects. We have missed you.

Opening on restricted opening hours.

The new opening hours will be 10am to 5pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. We will be available at other times by appointment only.

As we are sure most of you are aware, the government have now allowed that non-essential shops and business may reopen from the 15th June, provided they are compliant with government guidelines.

Everyone is asked to respect the social distancing procedures that are put into place. There is hand sanitiser provided as you enter. And a rigorous cleaning regime put into place.

We will also be providing home consultations and fittings, where possible and if appropriate distancing measures can be adhered to. We take our responsibility to our staff and client seriously. On visiting we shall be wearing masks, ensuring the appropriate distance is maintained along with using hand sanitisers on arrival and departure of the client’s home.

While on site, shall only handle client’s personal items when the client is unable to do so on our behalf, such as moving coffee tables out of the way for easier access, or opening doors for us. This is all to reduce the number surfaces we touch within the home.

Thank you NHS

During the lockdown we have been keeping busy, by helping with the national effort to provide PPE. We are proud to become a regional coordinator for East Suffolk PPE, with a team of amazing volunteer sewers. Cloth Works have donated Scrubs to the cause as well as cut out items from donated materials. We were involved in the production of scrubs, scrub bags, scrub caps and masks, along with securing supply chains for materials.