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Our mission is to add value. Value to our customers, our employees and our industryKatharine Arnkels-Webb, Cloth Works

About Cloth Works

Cloth Works is a family owned and operated bespoke soft furnishings designer and manufacturer based in Halesworth, Suffolk. Founded in 2000 by Katharine Arnkels Webb, Cloth Works strived to become a company built on quality, trust and customer service


Today, Cloth Works is run by Katharine, Bridget and Ali. They continue to build on the foundation laid down laid down by Katharine by providing customers with on time deliveries, quality products and the kind of customer service you only get with a family business.

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A family owned business innovated by 18 years of experience

We’re here to meet all your soft furnishing needs and do so by relying on the values that have informed our business for the over the last 18 years. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff can provide you with all the answers to your questions. From estimating to delivery, they ensure you receive quality service and quality products.

Providing quality service and quality products also requires modern machinery combined with traditional wisdom. All our machinery is built for purpose, and we hand sew every item to assure remarkable quality.

With experienced staff, innovative ideas and high quality machinery, Cloth Works is prepared to take on any job regardless of size and complexity.

We are proud of the organisation we have spent over 18 years building and we remain rooted in our family values as we continue to grow with our industry and our customers. We are a company that thrives off hard work and determination and we look forward to helping you meet your goals in a timely, cost-effective and friendly manner.